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REL 215 Hinduism

Encyclopedias & Dictionaries

Dictionaries, Encyclopedias & Atlases

General information is a good place to start your research because it can help you to narrow a too broad topic or broaden a too narrow one. Reading an encyclopedia article can give you insight into an area within the broader topic that will be suitable for your research and give you enough knowledge about that topic to begin researching it intelligently. Articles in these pieces are usually written by experts in the field and will include bibliographic references which will lead you to other books and journal articles on the same topic. Keep in mind, however, that this is not where most of the research for your paper should come from!


Once you have a well defined topic and a good basic sense of what your topic is "about" a bibliography will lead you to more books, and in some cases journal articles, on your topic. Most of the items below are shelved in Reference; some may be found in the circulating collection.

Library of Congress Subject Headings

BL1100-1295                                            Hinduism

BL1100-1107.5                                               General

BL1108.2-1108.7                                            Religious education

BL1109.2-1109.7                                            Antiquities.  Archaeology. 

BL1111-1143.2                                               Sacred books.  Sources

BL1112.2-1137.5                                                  Vedic texts

BL1140.2-1140.4                                                  Pur~as

BL1141.2-1142.6                                                  Tantric texts

BL1145-1146                                                  Hindu literature

BL1153.7-1168                                               By region or country

BL1212.32-1215                                              Doctrines.  Theology

BL1216-1225                                                  Hindu pantheon.  Deities

BL1225.2-1243.58                                           Religious life

BL1243.72-1243.78                                         Monasteries.  Temples, etc.

BL1271.2-1295                                               Modifications.  Sects

BL1284.5-1289.592                                               Vaishnavism

Hinduism & Gender & Sexuality

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