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Diversity and Inclusion Resources: LGBTQ / Queer

Resources for faculty, staff, students, and the community

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Terminology & Acronyms

You may see various and differing terms and acronyms when looking at these, and other, resources. Sometimes it will be LGBT, others GLBT. Sometimes the acronym grows even longer to LGBTQ or LGBTAQ. It can even extend to LGBTQQIAA... All are attempts to create umbrella terms that are inclusive yet concise to refer to people of non-normative, or queer, gender and/or sexuality. Generally the letters in the acronym stand for:

  • L - Lesbian
  • G - Gay
  • B - Bisexual
  • T - Transgender
  • Q - Queer and/or Questioning
  • A - Asexual and/or Ally
  • I - Intersex

For an extensive glossary of terminology, see:

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