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Philosophy Guide

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Reading and Writing Philosophy

For those who are new to philosophy, and are unsure about how to approach writing a philosophy paper, the following guides will be useful.  These guides outline what is expected in a philosophy paper, how to structure the paper, the need for revisions and drafts, and how to avoid some of the most common grading issues.

Philosophy Classification

B Philosophy (General)

  • B1–8 Periodicals
  • B41–52 General Reference Works
  • B53–67"Theory. Method. Scope. relations"
  • B69–4695 History & Systems
    • B69–105 General Works
    • B108–118 Ancient
    • B121–161"Orient"
    • B165–491 Greece
    • B505–626 Greco-Roman Philosophy
    • B630–708 Alexandrian and Early Christian Philosophy
    • B720–765 Medieval Philosophy
    • B770–785 Renaissance Philosophy
    • B790–4695 Modern Philosophy
      • B791–804 General Works
      • B808–843 Special Topics
      • B851–945 United States
      • B981–995 Canada
      • B1001–1084 Latin America
      • B1111–England
      • B1801–2430 France
      • B2521–3396 Germany & Austria
      • B3501–3515 Modern Greece
      • B3551–3656 Italy
      • B3801–4175 The Netherlands & Belgium
      • B4201–4279 Russia
      • B4301–4495 Scandinavia
      • B4511–4598 Spain & Portugal
      • B4625–4651 Switzerland
      • B4681–4695 Other European Countries

BC Logic

  • B9 Dictionaries & Encyclopedias
  • BC11–39 History
    • BC25–39 By period
  • BC60–99 General Works
  • BC171–199 Special Topics

BD Speculative Philosophy

  • BD10–41 General Philosophical Works
  • BD95–131 Metaphysics
  • BD143–237 Epistemology
  • BD300–450 Ontology
  • BD193–701 Cosmology
    • BD620–655 Space, time, matter & motion

BH Aesthetics

  • BH39–41 Theory. scope. relations
  • BH61–63 Study & teaching
  • BH81–221 History & Systems
  • BH301 Special Subjects A–Z

BJ Ethics

  • BJ1–8 Periodicals
  • BJ37–60 Relations to other topics
  • BJ63 Dictionaries & encyclopedias
  • BJ71–982 History
    • BJ101–982 By region and period
  • BJ990–1185 General works & textbooks
  • BJ1188–1295 Religious ethics
  • BJ1395 Feminist ethics
  • BJ1400–1500 Special topics
  • BJ1518–1697 Individual ethics
    • BD1533 Virtues
    • BD1534–1535 Vices
    • BD1545–1691 Practical & applied ethics
  • BJ1725 Ethics of social groups, including professional ethics
  • BJ1801–2195 Etiquette


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