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East Asian Guide

East Asia (General)

Periodicals on East Asian Studies at Denison.

A guide to articles in the journals below, as well as other relevant journals, is available through the library. In the reference section see: REF Z3001.B49 - Bibliography of East Asian Studies. Also see the Bibliography of Asian Studies and Academic Search Complete online. To find out whether the library has access to a specific title, search by journal title in Consort or in the Electronic Journal Finder.

D 839.C88 Amerasia 1937-47
D 839.A38 American Universities Field Staff, "List of Publications" (Letters and Reports from the Field) "A"-East East Asian Series; "B"-Southeast Asian Series 1952-80
HC 411.F19 Asia Yearbook 1983-
DS 1.F3 Asian Survey, Far Eastern Survey, Memorandum (changed title) 1950- (online via JSTOR 1932-3 years ago)
DS 1.A7, DS 1.A72 Asiatic Review; Asian Review (changed title) 1926-69
DS 701.P42 Beijing Review 1979-
DS 1.B85 Bulletin of Concerned Asian Scholars, Critical Asian Studies (changed title) 1978-
DS779.15 .C48 China Facts and Figures Annual 1978-1979,1983-
DS 777.53.A1C5 China at War; China Magazine (changed title) 1938-49
DS 701.C47 China Quarterly 1960- (online via JSTOR 1960-1997 and the EJC 1998-)
DS 779.15.C65 Contemporary China (1955-1964)
HC 59.7.D4 Developing Economies 1969-
HC 431.E3 Eastern Economist 1959-1982
HC 411.F18 Far Eastern Economic Review 1970-
DS 1.F2 Far Eastern Survey 1943-61
DS 801.J274 Japan Quarterly 1991-2001 (ceased publication)
DS 501.F274 Journal of Asian Studies, Far Eastern Quarterly (changed title) 1941- (available online via JSTOR 1941-3 years ago)
HC 411.J6 Journal of the Economic and Social History of the Orient 1981- (online via the EJC 2000-)
HC 59.7.J65 Journal of Developing Areas 1966-1999
DS 801.J7 Journal of Japanese Studies (online via JSTOR 1974-5 years ago and via the EJC 2004-)
DS 745.C5332 Late Imperial China (online via the EJC 1996- )
DS 1.M58 Modern Asian Studies 1967- (online via JSTOR 1967-1997 and via the EJC 1998-)
DS 773.83.M64 Modern China 1976, 1978- (online via JSTOR 1975-3 years ago)
HX 1.P75 Problems of Communism 1954-1992
HC 426.S58 Social Sciences in China 1980-
HX 8.P723 World Marxist Review 1968-1989

Humanities and Languages

N 7260.A68 Archives of Asian Art 1966-71; formerly Chinese Art Society of America Archives 1945-65 (N11 .C33 A3 - Oversize)
N 7260.A7 Ars Orientalis; The Arts of Islam and the East 1954-1975, 1981-1984, 1996-
N 8.A75 Artibus Asiae 1966-
PL 2250.C533 Chinese Literature: Essays, Articles, Reviews 1989- (online via JSTOR 1979-3 years ago)
BL 1400.E3 Eastern Buddhist 1972-
DS 501.H3 Harvard Journal of Asiatic Studies 1964- (online via JSTOR 1936-5 years ago)
BL 2202.J35 Japanese Journal of Religious Studies 1974-1984
PJ 2.A6 Journal of the American Oriental Society 1987-1990, 1992- (online via JSTOR 1854-3 years ago and via Ebsco 2000- )
BQ 2.I55A Journal of the International Association of Buddhist Studies 1995-
PN 2.L67 Literature East & West 1964-1991
PL 2303.M63 Modern Chinese Literature, Modern Chinese Literature & Culture (name changed) 1989-
DS 821.A1M6 Monumenta Nipponica 1991- (online via JSTOR 1938-5 years ago)
N 8.O75 Oriental Art 1998-
DS 501.O73 Orientations 1998-
B1.P573 Philosophy East and West 1951- (online via Ebsco 1990- )
PL.2658.E1 R46 Renditions 1992-1994, 1995-
PL.2250.T34 Tamkang Review: A Quarterly 1990-
BL 1400.W66 World Buddhism 1960-75

Translations from East Asia (Microform)

prEx 7.15/4 China Report: Political, Sociological, and Military Affairs 1987-
prEx 7.15/2-2 China(irregular) 1987-
prEx 7.15/2 China Report: Economic Affairs 1987-
prEx 7.15/5 JPRS report: China: Red Flag 1979-
prEx 7.15/4-2 China State Council Bulletin (irregular) 1986-
prEx 7.15/6 China Report: Science and Technology 1987-
prEx 7.15/6-2 Science and Technology, China: Energy (irregular) 1987-
prEx 7.15 China Report: Agriculture 1989-
prEx 7.16/2 Asia Report: Korean Affairs Report
prEx 7.16/2-2 East Asia Korea: Kulloja (irregular)
prEx 7.16/4 Asia Report: Southeast Asia Report
prEx 7.16/4-2 East Asia, Vietnam: TAP CHI CONG SAN (irregular)

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