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Narrative Journalism

Narrative Journalism focuses on writing for a broad audience across many different media platforms.

When we talk about Narrative Journalism...

When we talk about Narrative Journalism, what exactly do we mean?

  • what kind of research goes into this writing?
  • who is the audience?
  • how will this work be presented and what platforms will we be using?
  • and what ideas do we want to "hone in on" as we are writing?

Narrative Journalism: The Concentration at Denison

To get us started, what does Denison say about this concentration?

Narrative journalism is writing that combines literary attention to storytelling with in-depth, fact-based research.

Narrative journalism is, in some sense ...

  • Rigorous research + compelling, story-driven nonfiction prose
  • Large research component, with literary attention to storytelling
  • Used to drive a story home, regardless of platform, audience, or subject

For more examples and explanations, read the "Three R's of Narrative Nonfiction," from the series "Draft" in the New York Times blog.

How this Guide will Help ...

As you begin to think about your research - not just what you want to research, but how you want to go about doing so - this guide will walk you through the process.

  • Reference: what is the general background on my topic?
  • Readings: where will I go to find out more?
  • Research: how will I put this all together?

Follow the tabs along the left-hand side of this page to uncover more, and feel free to ask us if you need help.

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