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Library General Information: Use Policies

policies and useful resources for library users

Food and Drink

Please help us keep the library clean and orderly by following these simple guidelines:

  • Snacks may be eaten. We consider snacks to be chips, pretzels, cookies and similar foods. Pizza, tacos, salads, fruit, and sandwiches are not snack foods.
  • Foods other than snacks must be eaten in the Breaking Point or outside the library.
  • Food delivery to the library is prohibited. Library special events must be coordinated through the Assistant to the Director of Libraries, Peggy Rector.
  • Only non-alcoholic beverages are permitted in the library.
  • Please use sturdy, spill-proof beverage containers with covers to minimize damage to library materials and facilities.

In accordance with university policy, the use of any form of tobacco is prohibited in all areas of the library.

Filming in the Library

You need to follow this policy to take pictures or film in the library. Please keep in mind that others will be using the library as well.

  • Purpose: The purpose of this policy is to establish the terms and conditions under which Library space may be used for filming, still photography and/or video production. This policy applies to filming, photography and video production by members of the Denison community, and excludes that by persons external to the University.
  • Principles: The Library is a public study space for use by all students, staff and faculty. It is important that filming activities do not impinge on the rights of others who come to the library for quiet study. The Library is also a place where students work collaboratively, and as such we have designated floors and group study rooms to permit the talk associated with group work.
  • Definitions: Crew includes all those persons associated with the film shoot, including actors, technicians, and others associated with the event, paid or unpaid. Filming / film shoot includes television production, still photography, video production.
  • Policies: Filming is permitted in the Library under the terms and conditions set out in this document.
    • Anyone wishing to film must complete and sign the Filming Request form [pdf].
    • Any changes to lighting, major rearrangements of furnishings or the use of any on-site special effects must be disclosed.
    • Filming should take place only at non-peak study times (early mornings or weekends). Filming during times when the building is closed may be arranged but a library staff member must be in attendance.
    • Public service points (Circulation desk, Learning Commons desk) cannot be filmed during library open hours.
    • Any person completing the form agrees to advise the Library staff member on duty at the Circulation desk and/or Security staff of any problems which arise during the film shoot.
    • All non-crew/cast persons photographed must give verbal permission.
    • Film equipment and participants cannot block access to materials, stairways or walkways.
  • Scope: This policy applies to any student, faculty or staff, with the exception of photographers employed by the University for public relations purposes.
  • Procedures: Persons wishing to direct a film shoot should obtain the policy and request form from the Circulation desk of the Library and complete it. This form should be completed in advance of the filming.
  • Authority: The Circulation Supervisor on duty has the authority to terminate the film shoot if circumstances arise that make continuance of the filming undesirable.
  • Approval: The Circulation Supervisor on duty has the authority to authorize the film shoot, upon satisfactory completion of the form. Special circumstances may require permission of the library director.
  • Costs: No faculty, staff or student shall be required to pay any fee to film in the Library. The person signing the application form is responsible for the film crew and any costs associated with damage to the Library and University premises. The Denison Library is not liable for any loss/theft/damage of personal property of the crew or damage to equipment.

Cell Phones

 Please be condierate

  • Please set ring tone to silent or vibrate and be considerate of others.
  • Do not use cell phones in designated Quiet Study Areas.

Posters in the Library

In accordance with Campus Posting Guidelines, please follow the approved methods for posting flyers and other information in the library.

  1. Posters should not be posted on the outside of the building, on interior or exterior walls, along walkways, or on any trees or lamp posts.
  2. No exterior glass doors, either inside or outside, may be used for any postings unless the posting is an emergency/community announcement which has been stamped for approval to post by the Office of Security and Safety.
  3. Please use the following bulletin boards to post announcements. Use push pins.
    • Bulletin board on main level (3rd. floor)
    • Bulletin board in the Breaking Point (Vending Room) on the 2nd floor
    • Bulletin board in the hallway on the 2nd floor between E -204 and the Breaking Point
    • Bulletin board on the lower level

Donations to the Library

All gifts to the Library must be accompanied with the Denison Libraries Gift Receipt [pdf].

The library accepts unrestricted donations of library materials for review. Items are accepted with the understanding that they will be handled in the best interest of the institution. Decisions to add gift materials to the collections or to discard them are made on the basis of the library's collection policy, which is designed to support the University's academic programs. Once given to the library, donations cannot be returned to the donor.

Potential donors should provide in advance a list of materials being offered so that their value to the collection may be reviewed.

Gifts of rare books, manuscripts and other special items will be referred to the Special Collections Librarian. All others will be handled at the discretion of the Collection Development Librarian. Expenses incurred as part of the gift process, such as shipping, postage, and photocopying are normally absorbed by the donor.

Although the library acknowledges the receipt of gifts, by law it cannot provide assessments of their monetary value.

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