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Laura Allison Romano
Dr. Laura Romano
Associate Professor, Evolutionary Developmental Biologist
Faculty  |  Biology
Samson Talbot Hall of Biological Science
303 / Lab 402


Selected Publications

  1. Walters, J., Binkley, E., Haygood, R., & Romano, L. A. (2008). Evolutionary analysis of the cis-regulatory region of the spicule matrix gene SM50 in strongylocentrotid sea urchins. Developmental Biology, 315(2), 567-578. doi:10.1016/j.ydbio.2008.01.007    PubMed    OhioLINK EJC
  2. Romano, L. A., & Wray, G. A. (2006). Endo16 is required for gastrulation in the sea urchin Lytechinus variegatus. Development, Growth & Differentiation, 48(8), 487-497. doi:10.1111/j.1440-169X.2006.00884.x    PubMed    OhioLINK EJC
  3. Wray, G. A., Hahn, M. W., Abouheif, E., Balhoff, J. P., Pizer, M., Rockman, M. V., & Romano, L. A. (2003). The evolution of transcriptional regulation in eukaryotes. Molecular Biology and Evolution, 20(9), 1377-1419. doi:10.1093/molbev/msg140   PubMed   OhioLINK EJC
  4. Romano, L. A., & Wray, G. A. (2003). Conservation of Endo16 expression in sea urchins despite evolutionary divergence in both cis and trans-acting components of transcriptional regulation. Development (Cambridge, England), 130(17), 4187-4199. doi:10.1242/dev.00611    PubMed
  5. Romano, L. A., & Runyan, R. B. (2000). Slug is an essential target of TGFbeta2 signaling in the developing chicken heart. Developmental Biology, 223(1), 91-102. doi:10.1006/dbio.2000.9750    PubMed    OhioLINK EJC
  6. Runyan, R. B., Wendler, C. C., Romano, L. A., Boyer, A. S., Dagle, J. M., & Weeks, D. L. (1999). Utilization of antisense oligodeoxynucleotides with embryonic tissues in culture. Methods (San Diego, Calif.), 18(3), 316-321. doi:10.1006/meth.1999.0790    PubMed    OhioLINK EJC
  7. Romano, L. A., & Runyan, R. B. (1999). Slug is a mediator of epithelial-mesenchymal cell transformation in the developing chicken heart. Developmental Biology, 212(1), 243-254. doi:10.1006/dbio.1999.9339    PubMed    OhioLINK EJC

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