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REL 340: Buddhism and Social Change: REL 340: Buddhism and Social Change

Encyclopedias & Dictionaries

Dictionaries, Encyclopedias & Atlases
General information is a good place to start your research because it can help you to narrow a too broad topic or broaden a too narrow one. Reading an encyclopedia article can give you insight into an area within the broader topic that will be suitable for your research and give you enough knowledge about that topic to begin researching it intelligently. Articles in these pieces are usually written by experts in the field and will include bibliographic references which will lead you to other books and journal articles on the same topic. Keep in mind, however, that this is not where most of the research for your paper should come from!


Once you have a well defined topic and a good basic sense of what your topic is "about" a bibliography will lead you to more books, and in some cases journal articles, on your topic. Most of the items below are shelved in Reference; some may be found in the circulating collection.

Review Essays

Review essays are good sources for both an overview of some of the important questions within the field and a survey of recent scholarship. Examples of such essays are:

  • Eckel, Malcolm David "The Ghost at the Table: On the study of Buddhism and the Study of Religion," in Journal of the American Academy of Religion 62 (1994), 1085-1110.   BV1460 .N23
  • Griffiths, Paul J. "Recent Work on Classical Indian Buddhism," in Critical Review of Books on Religion 1993, 41-76.   BL 1 .C75
  • Hallisey, Charles. "Recent Work on Buddhist Ethics," in Religious Studies Review 18:4 (October 1992), 276-285.   BL1 .R44

Call Number Ranges for Buddhism

BQ1-9800    Buddhism:

BQ1-10        Periodicals.  Yearbooks (General)
BQ12-93        Societies, councils, associations, clubs, etc.
BQ96-99        Financial institutions.  Trusts
BQ100-102    Congresses.  Conferences (General)
BQ104-105    Directories (General)
BQ107-109    Museums.  Exhibitions
BQ115-126    General collections.  Collected works
BQ128        Encyclopedias (General)
BQ130        Dictionaries (General)
BQ133        Terminology
BQ135        Questions and answers.  Maxims (General)
BQ141-209        Religious education (General)
BQ210-219        Research
BQ221-249        Antiquities.  Archaeology
BQ240-244        Literary discoveries
BQ246-249        Inscriptions, etc.
BQ251-799        History
BQ800-829        Persecutions
BQ840-999        Biography
BQ840-858            Collective
BQ860-999            Individual
BQ860-939                Gautama Buddha
BQ940-999                Other
BQ1001-1045        Buddhist literature
BQ1100-3340        Tripiaka (Canonical literature)
BQ4000-4060        General works
BQ4061-4570        Doctrinal and systematic Buddhism
BQ4180-4565            Special doctrines
BQ4570            Special topics and relations to special subjects
BQ4600-4610        Relation to other religious and philosophical systems
BQ4620-4905        Buddhist pantheon
BQ4911-5720        Practice of Buddhism.  Forms of worship
BQ4965-5030            Ceremonies and rites.  Ceremonial rules
BQ5035-5065            Hymns.  Chants.  Recitations
BQ5070-5075            Altar, liturgical objects, ornaments, memorials, etc.
BQ5080-5085            Vestments, altar cloths, etc.
BQ5090-5095            Liturgical functions
BQ5100-5125            Symbols and symbolism
BQ5130-5137            Temple.  Temple organization
BQ5140-5355            Buddhist ministry.  Priesthood.  Organization
BQ5251-5305                Education and training
BQ5310-5350                Preaching
BQ5360-5680            Religious life
BQ5485-5530                Precepts for laymen
BQ5535-5594                Devotional literature.  Meditations.  Prayers
BQ5595-5633                Devotion.  Meditation.  Prayer
BQ5635-5675                Spiritual life.  Mysticism.  Englightenment.  Perfection
BQ5700-5720            Festivals.  Days and seasons
BQ5725-5845            Folklore
BQ5821-5845            Miracle literature
BQ5851-5899            Benevolent work.  Social work.  Welfare work, etc.
BQ5901-5975            Missionary work
BQ6001-6160            Monasticism and monastic life  Sagha (Order)
BQ6200-6240            Asceticism.  Hermits.  Wayfaring life
BQ6300-6388            Monasteries.  Temples.  Shrines.  Sites
BQ6400-6495            Pilgrims and pilgrimages
BQ7001-9800            Modifications, schools, etc.
BQ7100-7285                Theravāda (Hinayana) Buddhism
BQ7300-7529                Mahayana Buddhism
BQ7530-7950                Tibetan Buddhism (Lamaism)
BQ7960-7989                Bonpo (Sect)
BQ8000-9800                Special modifications, sects, etc.
BQ8500-8769                    Pure Land Buddhism
BQ8900-9099                    Tantric Buddhism
BQ9250-9519                    Zen Buddhism

Buddhism & Gender & Sexuality

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